Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Hanging Wardens Of Britain

For the first time in over three decades, Uk saw a hung parliament. The hopes cherished by the Conservative leader David Cameron came to an abrupt halt after his party fell 20 seats short of winning a majority mandate.

As the numbers stated, Conservative stood at 306( 20 short of 326, the majority figure), Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrats saw 57, 258 for Gordon Brown's Labour and 28 for others.

The Result : An Imbroglio.

While Nick Clegg failed to cash-in on the prevoius auspicious platform set-up during TV debates, Brown's performance was somewhat better than the world had envisaged.

The ramifications of a major hung-parliament remain obscure. The parties are still negotiating and re-negotiating over the coalitions.

The Prospects :

1.) Lib-Lab coal. : Nick Clegg might tie-up a coalition with Brown.

pro(s) : Clegg gets to take his major agenda( "Electoral Reform")
forthright out for public referendum. (It's noteworthy that
Lib Dems are not satisfied with FIRST-PAST-THE-POST voting
Con(s) : Doing so might foment-up general public for supporting a party the nation had rejected.
moreover forming a coalition who's leader ain't clear( Gordon Brown's stepping down) ain't no plausible.

2.) Lib-Tory Coal. : The Most foresee-able combo pro tem.

pro(s) : A Stable government, David Cameron as the prime minister and may be Nick Clegg gets to play the Home minister.

con(s) : The conservatives fail to acknowledge the need for an electoral reform. And Libe-Dems ain't got a mandate that can compell Conservatives to adapt to its ways.

Moreover, lib-dems want a proportionate representation in the house of commons, which is really very likely to be snubbed by the Conservatives.( Hating the lib-dems seems to be in their heart.)

What Can Be Anticipated : Despite major portfolio and policy contrasts, lib-dems coalition with the Tory(s) (The conservatives) looks all the more plausible and possible. It gets a stable government, afterall.

Though what turns-up, no-body knows.

Brace yourselves, the results are about to manifest themselves in a matter of hours.....

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