Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green Economy: The World Ain't Enough?

What went wrong with the Homo-Sapiens in the last couple of centuries that we decided to ruin What we live on?

Our mother Earth agreed to give us all we wanted and there was no complacence, we wanted EVEN-MORE.
In our quest for happiness we've left our desired-road far behind and are now traversing the one that has equal and opposite polarity as its destination.

The time to rethink is not too-late even now. We cannot reverse what we've done but can refrain from repetitions.

The term "GREEN ECONOMY" reflects something somewhat similar. It tends to imbibe and inculcate us with morals that we can't always get wealthier and happier at the same time.

Remember, it's never-ever-ever too late to start( but don't wait until you CAN'T-EVEN-TRY).

Here's What Can Be Done::

1.)Fundamental Changes In Behavior:

A recent debate shows just how inefficient the index 'GDP' is for measuring the HUMAN WELFARE.
For the point to sink in, consider this ::

A rise in GDP means a rise in production, a rise in production means a rise in industrial activities and hence the destruction of the natural resources.

Consider the "Easterlin-Paradox":

* "countries do not become happier as they grow wealthier"

This just might be the change in behavior, re figuring-out an index that measures HUMAN WELFARE.

2.) Government Responsibilities:

* The governments might consider ratcheting-up expenditure on agriculture and Eco-friendly organizations and getting harsh on organizations high on carbon emissions.
* Carbon-emission capture plants might prove to be more than useful. It's already being pondered over in USA and other countries might adopt that too.
* Poaching and deforestation should be done away with as soon as possible.

3.) Can Global Economy prosper while reducing society's overall impact on environment?

That's the hardest part, I'd say.

Economic progress is directly proportional to the environmental damage( at least for now), and fulfilling our desires and earning our livelihood without affecting the environment negatively is next to impossible.

* Can the employees( all of'em) suddenly choose to abandon leather shoes?
* Can the whole world suddenly go Vegan( or at least vegetarian)?
* Can the airways be stopped to stop carbon emissions?
* Can the Ozone layer be refilled?

But, next to impossible ain't really impossible. We need to remain a bit optimistic.

* Investment on R&D in the field of devising mechanisms that might lead to staving-off carbon emissions might be useful.
* Develop airplanes that are Eco-friendly.
* Use so called 'Vegan-Shoes'.
* Practice afforestation/reforestation.
* Ratchet-up investments on developments of carbon-emission capture plants.

4.) industry sectors that can act as catalysts in transitioning to the green economy:

* Solar energy power plants.
* Wind energy power plants.
* R&D industries concerned with development of concepts that might help.
* Agricultural industries( save for those concerned with Tractor-Developments).
* Hoarding sector.
* Cold-Storage sector.

These are some of the various measures that can be adopted. But what really matters is:

"Practice what you preach."

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Et tu Rishi said...

I'm with you my friend and I think this Green economy 'll bring lots of changes in the current
Environment and to some extent we can hopefully reduce the natural disaster.I 'll surely imbibe your suggestion to all whom I know.
TY m8