Monday, April 19, 2010

Is The World N-Safe?

USA witnessed the largest ever conglomeration of countries from around the globe ever since the one during the formation of the United Nations. And the element that formed its basis was something ever-more dreadful than what you can imagine.

The world leaders have always voiced their opinion about the loose nuclear materials like the ‘Highly Enriched Uranium’ and the plutonium falling into the hands of sinister terrorist organisations, but a real action has been almost tardy.

After a significant signing of the US-Russian arms reduction treaty, that’ll serve as a great exemplar in discouraging the nations mulling over N-armament, this was another ‘paying-off’ assortment.

A latest Harvard report articulates stern concern over the safety of the nuclear materials around the globe, the most vulnerable being the stocks in Pakistan. Pakistan, globally notorious because of the ‘Abdul Qadeer Khan’ scandal, has exacerbated its reputation on the grounds that it plays host to the Terrorist organisations’ headquarters.

The malevolent LeT and the militant Al-Qaeda have both their headquarters in Pakistan and any remarkable attempt for their disbanding is yet out of sight. Leaders agonize over the uncanny measures and risible missions by Pakistani army regarding staving-off such Islamist-militant groups.

Also notable were the reactions from France. Sarkozy says he can’t abort nuclear weapons until he’s certain of others doing it too. And he can’t be blamed for that. Who’d like to be weaker when the roof is always ready to cave in, huh?

Though a response from Israel was somewhat lax. Israel refused to attend the summit due to possibilities of its own nuclear programmes’ issues being brought forward. It could have stayed and voiced its opinion.

But on the whole, the summit was a success and has already started to pay-off. Obama does have a reason to smile.

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Anonymous said...

hmm that'll bring peace and 'll be a big slap on all those who are involved in terrorist activities.I've gone through this after reading your blog and found Pakistan in present state is the most dangerous country enriched highly in Uranium than India and is the threat of terrorist activities for other countries.